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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aduh..Boleh Patah Tulang Dapat Isteri Macam Ni (18SX)

Bayangkan anda dpt isteri sbesar ni.
Waa...mmg patah tulang anda.
Tak sanggup aku...hahahaha.


Buat naya je!!!

Emmm.....hidup lg nampak..apa2lah asal bahagia...kahkahkah!!


GT said...

Pergh... BiaO betik! ops*

Ade ke cmtu?

stoberycoklat said...

Ya Rabbi..apekah?..hahahha lenyek siOt!!

Anonymous said...


cite betul ker?

Unknown said...

bapak besar...hahahahha

Admin said...

entahlah...member email kasi sy...mati mcm tu..hahaha

Aiza Abd Rahman said...

wah..gile gaban bapak besau!
takut laa akk mcm nie nyah~
nk joging laa sok...xmo laa jd giant mc tu!

btw, singgah2 bace entry nie..
klakau laa..
nk follow laa..entry bnyk yg klakau2..

Admin said...

aiza, dpt besar mcm tu mampus. Tp kalau dah syg tk pelah..ok tq ya.

Aiza Abd Rahman said...

ur welcom2!!!!!

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